This company has its origins in the leadership of Bienvenido Martinez Brea, mentor of nephew and son that decided to join efforts and start the company. This person is an icon within Dominican Society, very well known and respected by every one related and not related to the construction industry.

Martinez Brea was appointed Presidential Advisor of the Dominican Republic President, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina from 1938 to 1961 . During Trujillo dictatorship he was Secretary of Public Works, Director of public works for the city of Santo Domingo, and many other positions within the presidential cabinet.

During Dr. Joaquin Balaguer Presidency from 1966-1978, he was in charge of the Presidential Technical Office. In the second Joaquin Balaguer presidency from 1986-1996, Bebecito as friends know him, was designated Head of the Office of Controlling Engineers for all Governmental Works.

Another personal accomplishment of Mr. Martinez is to be a founding member of the Dominican Society of Civil Engineers (CODIA). As a sportsman, he is a member of the Dominican Hall of Fame, in recognition for his years as a boxer and a baseball player. An important chapter in Mr. Martinez sporting live is that he was the president of The Organizing Committee for the Central American and Caribbean Games of Santo Domingo in 1974.

His legacy in construction is all over the country, because he has been involved with this sector for more than 60 years. He has been the constructor or developer of all major governmental projects from 1938 to 1996, when he finally retired from public life. To his credit as a contractor are all the major Baseball Stadiums. These arenas were designed and built by Mr. Martinez, La Normal Baseball Park in 1945, Quisqueya Baseball Park in 1955, Cibao Baseball Park in 1956 and San Pedro de Macorís Baseball Park in 1958. Other important constructions are the Fine Arts Palace of Santo Domingo, the La Salle High School of Santo Domingo, the Perla Antillana Horse Track, Santo Domingo University Master Plan and development, the General Fire Station of Santo Domingo, the Agriculture Bank Principal Office in Santo Domingo, the Building for the Government Administration of Santo Domingo, and many other construction projects.